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    We are a social, professional, and community service-based organization in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Our focus is the development of young women as aspiring business professionals. 

    Our Mission

    Women in Business facilitates the professional growth and development of women within the University of Pittsburgh. Our goal is to empower and cultivate young women into excellent business leaders by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the global business arena. We are committed to shaping young women into successful business leaders by fostering an environment of continuous growth and excellence, and developing a network of business professionals at the University of Pittsburgh.


    Our organization is comprised of highly motivated young women interested in building on their professional skills, expanding their professional and social networks, and giving back to the community. Our members are primarily focused in the area of business, but we welcome students of all majors and hope to see a growth in non-business major attendance. 


    Remember to fulfill all of your requirements by the end of the semester!



    Friday, November 10th from 1-2pm at Trees Hall

    Distress and have fun during yoga with WiB! If you will be attending, bring the completed waiver emailed to you when you registered.

    Household Item/Canned Food Drive

    Sunday, November 12th from 6-7pm in 2400 Sennott

    We will be holding a household item and canned food drive for the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry during this GBM. Attached to the email is a list of donations they are accepting. Claire Staines will be collecting the items. 2 items = 1 hour of Community Service.

    Jacque Skowvron - Entrepreneurship

    Sunday, November 12th from 6-7pm in 2400 Sennott

    Join Jacque Skowvron, a Pitt Alum, as she discusses the topic of entrepreneurship with members.


    Did your friend do something awesome this week? Nominate another Women in Business member here.


    Katie Schilling


    Class of 2019

    Major: Finance

    Minor: Economics

    Email: kps31@pitt.edu


    I love everything pink, going shopping, college football, and anything with four legs and fur!

    Emma Huckins

    Executive VP

    Class of 2020

    Major: Supply Chain

    Email: emh133@pitt.edu


    I love donuts, traveling, cats, and dancing!


    Brittany Mezhir

    VP of Corporate Relations

    Class of 2019

    Major: Human Resource Management

    Minor: Spanish

    Certificate: International Business

    Email: bgm22@pitt.edu


    I love carbs, puppies, and traveling the globe!


    Erin Milone

    VP of Marketing & Member Relations

    Class of 2019

    Major: Marketing

    Minor: Legal Studies

    Certificates: Communication

    Email: eem63@pitt.edu


    I love the beach, reading and writing, and family and friends.

    Amanda Murphy

    VP of Special Events

    Class of 2018

    Majors: Supply Chain Management, Marketing, & Business Information Systems

    Email: amm396@pitt.edu


    I love to bake and watch old movies!

    Jess Casale

    VP of Community Service

    Class of 2018

    Major: HR

    Minor: German

    Certificate: International Business

    Email: jlc260@pitt.edu


    I love dogs more than anything!

    Maggie Desmond

    VP of Operations

    Class of 2019

    Majors: Accounting & Finance

    Email: mfd34@pitt.edu


    I love any form of bread, skiing, and concerts!

    Delaney Jordan

    VP of Content and Communication

    Class of 2020

    Major: Marketing

    Minor: Italian

    Certificates: Writing for the Professions & Leadership and Ethics

    Email: dej33@pitt.edu


    When I'm not studying, I like to run, ski, and play with my dog.


    ***Please note that member requirements have changed. ***

    In order to become a member, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Send an electronic copy of your resume to pittwib@gmail.com
    • Pay $20 dues 
    • 5 General Body Meetings
    • 4 Service Hours
    • 3 Professional Events
    • 1 Social Event
    • 1 Miscellaneous Event
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